Can we stop to appreciate this fork's trading ticker, for a second? It's like a physical reminder about how absurd all of these forks are getting. Anyway, back to business. Like Bitcoin God, Bitcoin Uranium has no website, and all of the information about the coin comes from an October 25th post on bitcoin talk. The exact block height for the fork is yet to be determined, but a rough date sets the update for December 31st. The 21,000,000 circulating supply will have no pre-mine.Judging by what we know about Bitcoin Uranium, its goals are in line with Bitcoin Platinum's own. Like BTP, it will be ASIC resistant, but its proof of work will use CPUs as well as GPUs. Unlike its counterpart, though, it will decrease its block time even further to 1 minute and will stick with Segwit as opposed to Segwit 2x.